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We are Little Blue Taxi.


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How to get to our shows.

To get to  Marengo Park District from Harvard
  Get onto US-14/N DIVISION ST/IL-173. Follow US-14/N DIVISION ST. South.
  Turn RIGHT onto IL-23 just before the Amerihost
  Turn RIGHT onto W GRANT HWY/US-20 in Marengo.
  Turn LEFT onto PARK DR., which is by a NAPA and a brown sign that says INDIAN OAKS PARK, and continue down that road until the end when you come to a building with a bunch of cars around it.  CAUTION: the speed bump at the Park District Building is incredibly high.

From more towards Chicago:  find Route 20, and get on it.  Follow it to Marengo Illinois.  Then, turn left off of 20 at the sign that says INDIAN OAKS PARK in marengo by the NAPA on 20.  follow that road until the end and then you are there.

Directions to Friday Nite Club:

Get onto IL-173.  Continue to follow IL-173.

1.03 miles
Turn LEFT onto FLAT IRON RD.  If you hit Chemung, you've gone too far. 2.36 miles
Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto STREIT RD. 0.10 miles
  Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto FLAT IRON RD 2.59 miles
  FLAT IRON RD becomes CR-6/ANGLING RD. 2.01 miles
  Stay straight to go onto CAPRON RD. 2.10 miles
  Turn LEFT onto ORTH RD. 0.50 miles
  Turn RIGHT onto GARDEN PRAIRIE RD. 5.16 miles
  Turn RIGHT onto US-20 W. 5.16 miles
  Turn LEFT onto GENOA RD/CR-T40. 0.40 miles
  Turn LEFT to take the I-90 ramp toward CHICAGO/WISCONSIN. 0.35 miles
  Take the ramp toward ROCKFORD AND WEST. 0.16 miles
  Merge onto I-90 W (Portions toll). 7.53 miles
  Merge onto I-39 S/US-51 S toward ROCKFORD (Portions toll). 3.16 miles
  Merge onto US-20 W. 5.77 miles
  Take the IL-2 S exit toward DIXON. 0.27 miles
  Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto IL-2/S MAIN ST. 0.81 miles
  Turn RIGHT onto IL-2/S MAIN ST. Continue to follow IL-2. 11.17 miles
If anyone can find a better route, please send it to

If this is not good enough for you, you can go to MAPQUEST and find your own personalized route.  The address for Marengo is 825 Indian Oaks Trail, Marengo, Illinois 60152, and the Friday Nite Club is 701 W. 2nd St. Byron, Illinois.