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Look at the drawing.  Isn't it just precious? Just say yes...

We are Little Blue Taxi.
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Little Blue Taxi is...
Rob Reiff-  Vocals, Screams, Laughs, Bob the Builders, Box, Hawian Gee-tar, Cymbal Stands, Bookings, CD's, Ride Cymbal, Corporate Cantaloupe.
Dusty Greenlee-  Clean Guitar, Distorted Guitar, Flanged Guitar, Reverberated Guitar, Funnyness, Basically anything that has to do with strings.  He also plays the trumpet and the sax.
Mike Swengel- Bass Guitar, Maybe a Drum Here and There, Sometimes He Screws Around on Keyboards, 80's New Wave Hits, Dukes of Hazards, Yelps, and the Phone Cable.
Jon Pfortmiller- Keyboards, Congas, Backing Vocals, Some Screaming, "Smile", Happyness, Full Circle Drum, Floor Tom, Blaine's Cymbal (with his head), and floor.
Blaine Sinderson- Toms, Cymbals, Sticks, Snare Drum, Bass Drum,  Cell Phone, Various Other Thumps and Whacks, this website, Quads (in the High School Marching Band), Trumpet (also in the H.S. Band), and Jon.  

If you feel that you need more info on LBT, check out Milwaukee Rocks at the following link.  LBT's Milwaukee Rocks Page  The Music doesn't work for some odd reason.  Oh well.  Buy a CD if you wanna hear the music.

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Little Blue Taxi's Quotes:
We take the brush and we scrub scrub.  ~said by Dusty
Ahh, ha hah aha!  (it's his laugh, use your imagination) ~said by Robert
I made feet!!!  ~said (and done) by Jon (See Picture Below)
I am Caveman.  Sleep on rock..  ~said by Blaine.          

I made feet!
I made feet.